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Bloody cuts

By Philip Whitfield If you twitch a nostril near a cop in Cairo, you risk being beaten up, arrested, thrown in jail, raped, held in isolation and sentenced to five years’ hard labour. If you kidnap a military patrol in the Sinai, tie up thousands of troops in tanks, armoured personnel carriers and helicopters for …

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Busted flush

By: Philip Whitfield You’d be livid if your boss blew your wages gambling. Consider how often the Muslim Brotherhood risks your life, how close Cairo courts catastrophe. I’ll wager this. Isn’t the answer to Egypt’s enigma staring the head-scratchers in the face? Lump all Egypt’s woes under one defining issue. Security: a pitiful failure to …

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Can Egypt have a foreign policy?

By Hussein Ibish In the context of ongoing political unrest, is it possible for Egypt to have a functional foreign policy? Probably not. And as long as this is the case, that has profound implications for others in the region, particularly the Palestinians and Syria. Egypt does have a functional national security policy, largely because …

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