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Is Egypt out to topple Hamas?

By Daniel Nisman On 11 November, the ninth anniversary Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat’s death, an internet-mobilised protest campaign called “Tamarod” will kick off in the Gaza Strip. The group is based on Egypt’s Tamarod movement, which enabled the ousting of President Morsi, and similarly aims to topple the coastal strip’s ruling Islamist Hamas party. Since seizing …

Daily News Egypt

Israel arrests Hamas members in West Bank

Hamas has ruled the Gaza Strip since it took over the territory in 2007, but many of its members remain in the West Bank, which is home to the Palestinian Authority, dominated by president Mahmud Abbas’s Fatah party.

Daily News Egypt

Musical Chairs

You have to admit that despite all the heartaches that we have come to encounter in Egypt, the place is becoming quite the rollercoaster ride. It is interesting to watch how roles are being exchanged at dizzying velocity. A once villain is now considered prince charming, a once prince charming is now seen as a …

Dr Mohamed Fouad