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Latest in Tag: harassment

The dirty word

By Nesreen Salem On behalf of the Egyptian Women’s Union, I flew to Sweden to give a speech about Egyptian women’s plight in Egypt after the “spring”. I was a keynote speaker on a panel in the very heart of Swedish parliament. My audience included representatives from every political party in Sweden as well as …

Daily News Egypt

The land of few men

This is what I have dubbed Egypt years ago, to the chagrin of some of my guy friends and agreement of others. Egypt-mostly- is not a very healthy society with regards to interaction between women and men. A clear example is simply walking down the street; cat-calls, sexual insinuation and at times groping are the …

Sara Abou Bakr

Managing editor Rana Allam

There will be no progress

There will be no progress, as long as we keep repeating the same mistakes, as long as hypocrisy and lies are the name of the game, as long as no real change happens. There will be no progress in the Tourism industry, as long as our government continues to believe that it is a “marketing” …

Rana Allam

Talking Box By Ziad Akl

On my way home last Friday I saw 5 boys, couldn’t be more than 14. They were running between cars in one of Zamalek’s busy streets trying to catch a look at women driving in short skirts or low-cut tops. They regrouped after the raid ended next to my car, I opened up my window …

Ziad A. Akl