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Latest in Tag: harassment

Quo vadis, baby?

When I was but a wee lad, I spent my summers in Alexandria, and most of that time at the Alexandria Sporting Club (women’s and men’s basketball champions of Egypt, incidentally). Back then I was active and physically fit; nowadays, my only form of exercise is trying to catch the cats as they dart out …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Op-Eds criticise sexual harassment and nepotism

Writers in Egyptian newspapers explored the expanding phenomenon of sexual harassment, which has recently reached the largest Sunni academic institution, Al-Azhar University. Some also debated the recent appointment of Mohamed Morsi’s son to the Ministry of Civil Aviation despite gaining his degree from the faculty of commerce.   Sexual harassment in Al-Azhar University  Moustafa Al-Naggar …

Daily News Egypt

Where corruption thrives: Public universities in Egypt

Public universities in Egypt are institutions with multi-layered corruption from sexual harassment to nepotism. The Daily News Egypt was intrigued by a recent corruption case in Ain Shams University to look into the different forms of corruption directed at students at public universities. Students recount their experiences with corruption and what they think the solutions are.

Sarah El Masry

The Horror

For the past week I have been avoiding, ducking and evading the black hole of negativity that has seemingly sucked everyone in. It wasn’t an easy task especially because for everyone I spoke to, the news of what’s been happening in the country, from mass sexual assaults and terrorism to police torture of street children, …

Mahmoud Salem

Six pieces, looking for an author

Far from violence, clashes and clouds of tear gas, from press releases and accusations, we are called to escape the chaos of our country and pick up the scattered pieces that once formed a picture of Egypt. This picture, as it currently exists under the Muslim Brotherhood, is in the process of being created, but …

Farid Zahran

It’s the harasser who’s responsible for harassment in Islamic Law

By Musa Furber “Oppressing women and justifying it using Shari’a is more offensive to our Prophet than a cheap film.” Al-Habib ‘Ali al-Jifri Fear of sexual harassment is a fact of life for women in Egypt. Many have posited that women themselves should bear responsibility for such harassment, with even seemingly religious arguments being deployed …

Fady Salah

The floods of Cairo

The US may have captured the market on submergence this week, but I would have you know that Egypt can inundate with the best of them. From the ancient times, where the yearly rise of the Nile waters spelled either wealth or disaster, up to the present day, Cairo is regularly swamped by different currents. …

Adel Heine

Off with their heads!

A video of Egyptian self-proclaimed cleric Sheikh Saad Arafat went viral on Monday, showing one of his religious “lessons” on Al-Rahma channel, a self-described Islamic channel. In the video he deals with sexual harassment as follows, “even if you [the woman] are face-veiled, you are the reason for harassment for going out of your house …

Sara Abou Bakr