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Latest in Tag: Hazem El-Beblawi

Ministerial changes and mechanisms of change in the family of 1952

The cabinet of Sherif Ismail, which was appointed in September 2015, less than three months before the parliamentary elections, is the fourth ministry in the era of Al-Sisi, which practically began during the cabinet of Hazem El-Beblawi. Ismail’s ministry is the tenth since the 25 January Revolution, and the fall of Mubarak. Here, we will …

Farid Zahran

The Conman’s paradise

In the 1960’s, the Egyptian state newspaper Al-Ahram was filled with headlines about the amazing scientific breakthroughs of the Egyptian military. One such headline celebrated the invention of the first “Arab-made” airplane – one that could reach Mach 2 – while the other announced to the world the creation of Egyptian missiles that could reach …

Mahmoud Salem

EGP 19bn in remitances from those living abroad

By: Ibrahim al-Masry   Kamal Abu Eita, Minister of Manpower and Emigration stated that basic services need to be provided in order to encourage economic growth and benefit the lower classes at a recent conference held for Egyptians living abroad, under the title of “Egypt in the heart” under the auspices of President Adly Mansour. …

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