Latest in Tag: Heliopolis Sporting Club Highlight

Latest in Tag: Heliopolis Sporting Club

Aikido alive and thriving in Egypt

The Heliopolis Sporting Club (HSC) celebrated “Aikido Day” last week, featuring demonstration bouts by skilled Egyptian practitioners. HSC celebrates Aikido day every month, and invites other practitioners from different clubs to promote the martial art. Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art that utilises and redirects an opponent’s momentum. In attendance were several members of …

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HSC synchronised swimming team win silver at international championship

Heliopolis Sporting Club (HSC)’s synchronised swimming team, which represented Egypt, surprised the audience after it won the silver medal at the 25th Heliopolis International Water Polo and Synchronised Swimming Championship, with a score of 143.882. The championship was held from 11-15 October. The team consisted of Aya Tarek, Zeina Omar, Laila Ali, Mahitab Nader, Farida …

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25th Heliopolis International Water Polo and Synchronised Swimming Championship: Heliopolis Sporting Club (Egypt) wins against KSI Club (Hungary)

The 25th Heliopolis International Water Polo and Synchronised Swimming Championship began its matches on 11 October. The first match was between HonvĂ©d Club (Hungary) and Panathinaikos Club (Greece). The Hungarian club won against the Greek club with a score of 11-10. The second match was between Heliopolis Sporting Club (Egypt) and KSI Cub (Hungary). The …

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25th Heliopolis International Water Polo and Synchronised Swimming Tournament begins Tuesday

Of the 22 sports offered by the Heliopolis Sporting Club (HSC), water polo, diving, squash, and speedball have been long-time favourites among members. HSC has enjoyed the long-standing membership of internationally-ranked squash champions, such as Ali Farag, currently ranked sixth, and his wife, Nour El-Tayeb, who ranks 10th. The club members also include several speedball …

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Heliopolis Sporting Club organises peaceful demonstration against lorry accidents

Heliopolis Sporting Club has organised a peaceful protest against the accidents caused by lorries [trucks]. Hundreds of innocent people die every year in these accidents, whether on the barely monitored motorways or in the packed city streets. Participants called for the enactment of decisive laws that order lorry drivers to only drive at certain hours …

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HSC to host 13th Arab Water Polo Clubs Championship

Heliopolis Sporting Club (HSC) held a conference Sunday to announce the 13th edition of the Water-polo Championship for the Arab Clubs Champions, to be held at the club from 26 to 30 April. HSC and Gezira Sporting Club (GSC) will be the only Egyptian teams participating in the championship, alongside the Moroccan Wydad Al-Ouma club, …

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EgyptAir becomes official carrier for Heliopolis Sporting Club

The protocol also stipulates that EgyptAir will provide all facilities for the HSC’s sports teams. Meanwhile, HSC will join EgyptAir’s marketing campaign and develop advertisements with the airline to be posted in the club’s two branches, located in Heliopolis and Shorouk City.

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