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Latest in Tag: Hisham Barakat

Court lifts media gag on Hisham Barakat case

Cairo Criminal Court lifted the previously imposed media gag in the case of former general prosecutor Hisham Barakat’s assassination on Tuesday. The court resumed the case on Tuesday. Defendants are facing several charges that include establishing an illegal group, executing hostile operations against judges, army, and police officers, targeting diplomatic headquarters, and aiming to destroy …

Nourhan Mohamed

Heat rises in Cairo

Egypt is set to explode. When and how is dependent on who pulls the trigger and why. Those who had the opportunity to peruse the previous article came to quickly understand that Egypt has galloped to a 3, on a danger scale of 1-5, in 2.5 years of de jure Al-Sisi rule. A combination of …

Amr Khalifa

6 suspects arrested for former prosecutor general’s assassination

Prosecutor General Nabil Sadek ordered on Sunday the detention of six persons suspected of taking part in the assassination of former prosecutor general Hisham Barakat, according to state media. The suspects will be detained for 15 days pending investigations. The Ministry of Interior is set to issue a statement on the case later on Wednesday, …

Mahmoud Mostafa