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Tales from World Cup history (3)

Argentina beats West Germany in 1986 World Cup final In the final game of the 1986 World Cup, hosted by Mexico, the German team presented an outstanding performance, but finally lost 2-3 to Argentina. The tournament saw the brilliant skills of the Argentine star Maradona, who is seen by many as the best football player …

Daily News Egypt

The history award goes to… the blank slate!

Egypt won three awards last week at the Dubai film festival and thank heavens it was not for those two annoyingly-titled movies that were showcased at the (bungled) Cairo International Film Festival. As luck would have it, I watched the trailer for one of those two movies and could not help but notice a scene …

Emad El-Din Aysha

The baby and the bathwater: Putting history on the map

I watched an offensive diatribe the other day on a private sector satellite channel – typically – that shed considerable doubt on certain religious and historical tenants. As luck would have it, I had an intellectual run-in with the guest on the show so I knew what the deal was but it is still important …

Emad El-Din Aysha

Get angry, but don’t deny the motherland

We are the people. We have a right to object and accept. We are the ones who never settle for any less for their motherland. We waited and waited for the motherland to live with pride. We are most entitled to have every official kneel before us, asking for our satisfaction and acceptance. We will not turn …

Emad El-Sayed

International cooperation needed to feed hungry Syrians

As Syrian refugees face increasing hunger, we can find inspiration from Egypt’s own history to meet this humanitarian emergency. It was April 1946, when the former United States president Herbert Hoover came to Cairo on an urgent mission. Famine threatened the globe. President Harry Truman dispatched Hoover as a food ambassador.  His goal was to find food supplies that could …

Daily News Egypt

Reflections of history on the Suez Canal

“The tour boat passes a mosaic depicting the glorious triumph of the Egyptian people in re-capturing Sinai… The soldiers look upwards and onwards, towards progress and towards the future”

Emir Nader

The Arab World: History of Revolts and Global Nexus

By Fadi Elhusseini In the fractious, conflict-rife Arab world, described for a long time as immune against democratic transformation, revolts have snuck in, toppling some regimes and shaking the thrones of others. Almost three years have passed since the advent of the Arab Spring and statesmen and decision-makers have been trying to analyse these historic …

Daily News Egypt

Counter-revolutions aren’t anything new

By Ana Maria Luca, Now. Totalitarian military regimes tend to react the same way when faced with a rebellion: they distract the population’s attention toward an even scarier enemy so that they can claim to be saviours rather than oppressors. And so whenever there is a revolution, there’s usually a counter-revolution, too. It has been …

Daily News Egypt

Op-ed Review: History repeats itself and wheat

One columnist recalls an incident in Egyptian history that resembles what happened and is still happening now. The other one is exploring the wheat issue and how Egypt can attain self-sufficiency. In the presence of Al-Gabarty Belal Fadl Al-Shorouk Newspaper “History teaches us that the poor have always been the strongest weapon, to which the …

Thoraia Abou Bakr