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The moment I couldn’t hold it anymore

My hand skids across the table to reach my phone and I hit the home button to know how late it is. I often forget that I wear a watch and I always use my phone to tell time. My phone home screen reads 10:43pm. It’s been almost three hours, I think to myself. I can barely …

Seif El-Eslam Essam

Home sweet home

The reality of living somewhere does not relate to what is portrayed in the news when it comes to being home

Adel Heine

Foreign maids: a flourishing new market in Egypt

Every month, hundreds of immigrants, whether Nigerians, Indonesians or Filipinos, arrive in Cairo seeking employment as cleaners and babysitters. More and more families are hiring foreigners rather than Egyptians as maids despite the higher financial cost. Daily News Egypt explores the burgeoning community of foreign maids in the country and also seeks out the fate of traditional Egyptian housemaids vis-a-vis the new configuration of domestic help within Egypt.

Ethar Shalaby

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