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Latest in Tag: Houthi

Houthi rebels advance toward oil fields in southern Yemen

The Houthi rebel fighters achieved on-ground military progress and captured key areas in southern Yemen’s oil-rich province of Shabwa on Tuesday, a military official told Xinhua. The local military source said on condition of anonymity that the Houthis carried out an all-out offensive and captured Bayhan district in the province, where key oil fields are …


Death toll of Houthi-fired ballistic missile attack in southern Yemen climbs to 40

The death toll from Houthi-fired ballistic missiles that struck a strategic air base of Yemen’s government forces in the southern province of Lahj climbed to 40, local officials said Sunday. An official of Lahj’s local authority told Xinhua on condition of anonymity that the Houthi rebel group launched a coordinated attack using three ballistic missiles …