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Path to sanity: Political humour in Egypt

By Amr Khalifa “A girl writes she is every Egyptian young man’s dream. She thinks she is a visa to Kuwait.” via _El_haram . Welcome to Twitter political humour, a humour that lays bare an Egypt consecutive regimes have sought to paint as rosier than its reality. Conflict, bloody and otherwise, has a deep impact …

Daily News Egypt

Jaundiced timelines

Forced containment, Photoshop and a sense of humour produced a flurry of posters that turned many timelines yellow

Adel Heine

The 6th Stage of grief

On a relatively hot summer night, in lieu of nothing,  a bunch of revolutionary friends were discussing the state of gloom that has befallen the majority of the population, and came up with a theory:  We have all gone through the five stages of grief throughout this revolution. The Denial phase started with the first …

Mahmoud Salem

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