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Latest in Tag: hunger

UN warns of worldwide hunger due to COVID-19

WFP Executive Director David Beasley has told the UN Security Council that there are 135 million people already facing crisis levels of hunger or worse. This is coupled with an additional 130 million people worldwide who are on the edge of starvation prompted by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

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Equality for women can reduce world hunger

  Giving women the same tools and resources as men, such as financial support, education, and access to markets, could reduce the number of hungry people worldwide by up to 150 million. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and other humanitarian agencies estimate that 925 million people across the world are undernourished. Of this number, …

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Food for thought on hunger

Climate change, a growing population and food market speculation mean in the future it will be more difficult to feed the world. How can we make sure everyone has enough to eat in an age of global interdependence?

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El Nino wreaks havoc in Africa

El Nino was one of the main issues at the first World Summit for Humanitarian Aid in Istanbul. As a result of this weather phenomenon, many African countries are being severely hit by drought, hunger and floods.

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UN details ‘downward spiral’ of hunger and natural disasters

Food insecurity and vulnerability to natural disasters are becoming increasingly linked, according to the UN’s latest World Risk Report. DW talks to one of the authors, Matthias Garschagen, about who is most at risk. DW: What are the global hotspots for natural disasters listed in the 2015 World Risk Report? Matthias Garschagen: In the report …

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