Latest in Tag: Hyundai Highlight

Latest in Tag: Hyundai

Car prices continue their journey towards record highs

A new wave of price hikes took place in July for 153 car models from different brands amid anticipation by analysts that the Egyptian pound would be further devaluated by the Central Bank of Egypt. The increase included the German carmakers Opel and BMW, Korea’s Hyundai and Kia, the American Chevrolet, the French brands Renault …

Ahmed Amer

Car prices continue to climb in June

The automotive market has witnessed dramatic prices increase in recent months, driven by the shortage of hard currency required for importing and the high exchange rate on the informal market.

Ahmed Amer

Hyundai to introduce Sonata Hybrid in Middle East region

By Mohamed Aboul Fotouh Daily News Egypt met with Jin Kim, Hyundai Motor Company’s Vice President and Head of Operations in Africa and the Middle East, to discuss the Egyptian market, and the company’s future plans. How do you see the performance of your distributor in Egypt? And what are the major issues constraining your …

Daily News Egypt

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