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Latest in Tag: IFA

Israel suspends Israeli-Palestinian encounters on the pitch

The Israel Football Association (IFA) acting on orders of the police has suspended what it calls ‘sensitive’ matches, a reference to professional and amateur games between Israeli Jewish and Israeli Palestinian squads. Police said the suspension on football pitches that have long signalled mounting tensions, violence, and racism in Israeli society was because their forces …

James Dorsey

Contours of future Israeli-Palestinian battles emerge on the football pitch

By James M. Dorsey Legal and diplomatic battles in United Nations organisations and international sport associations involving charges of war crimes and efforts to suspend membership of one or the other are likely to shape future Israeli-Palestinian relations in the wake of last month’s electoral victory by Benjamin Netanyahu. The contours of the coming battles …

Daily News Egypt

UBIFRANCE, IFA merge to form Business France

UBIFRANCE and the IFA (Invest in France Agency) merged to form Business France, according to a statement from the French embassy in Cairo on Wednesday. Business France is a national agency supporting the French economy’s international development. It is responsible for fostering French businesses’ export growth, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in …

Daily News Egypt

Mounting Israeli-Palestinian tensions reverberate on the football pitch

By James M. Dorsey Mounting tension between Israel and Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and in East Jerusalem have spilt onto Israeli Palestinian football pitches in Israel proper as Israel swings towards ultra-nationalists that make Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu look like the best card in a bad hand. Israeli human rights and legal advocacy …

Daily News Egypt

FIFA reaffirms its role as a pillar of established order

By James M Dorsey A recent visit by world football body FIFA president SeppBlatter to the Middle East spotlighted the group’s role as a pillar of the existing political and football governance order under the guise of a fictional separation between sports and politics, rather than a force for greater transparency and accountability. To be …

Daily News Egypt

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