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Foreigners, but friends of Egypt

I used to think that immigration was about migrants moving from a developing country to a developed one, motivated by a single criterion—the better standard of living. This was until I learned that moving from a country to another is not only a matter of climbing up a ladder; for numerous reasons, people move to …

Mohammed Nosseir

Poland turns against immigration after Paris attacks

As Poland’s new conservative, euroskeptic government takes office, analysts wonder what course the country will take on immigration in the aftermath of the Paris attacks. Rafal Kiepuszewski reports from Warsaw. Polish media on Monday led with the story of a Polish national living in Norway who was arrested in Poland on terrorism charges, after having …

Deutsche Welle

67 arrested in attempt to illegally migrate to Italy

By  Kenneth Changpertitum Sixty seven migrants were arrested Tuesday when trying to set sail off the coastal of city of Metoubes in the governorate of Kafr Al-Sheikh while attempting to emigrate to Italy, said state-owned MENA. In the early morning hours, border guards along with state security forces detained 62 Egyptians, 4 Somalis and 1 …

Daily News Egypt

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