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Trump's trade move could deal a political blow to India's Modi

The US has decided to end its preferential trade treatment for India. New Delhi has played down the economic impact of the move, but it could cost Narendra Modi politically as he seeks a second term.US President Donald Trump has decided to end Washington's preferential trade treatment for India that allows a duty exemption on …

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Cricket World Cup: ICC expects India vs Pakistan to go ahead

The International Cricket Council believes the World Cup match between India and Pakistan will go ahead. The group stage highlight on 16 June is in doubt amid tensions over last week’s suicide bomber attack in Kashmir.There is "no indication" India's match against Pakistan in the World Cup group stages will not go ahead as planned …

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Can India become the next China for carmakers?

Car sales in China have been plummeting and the persisting slump leaves automakers with few places to go for sales growth. India’s economic and demographic trends make it a promising market. But success is tough.China has been the world's largest car market for the past decade. In 2017, sales there reached over 28 million, according …

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India's camel nomads compete for a place in the modern world

The humble camel’s hump can easily overshadow the animal’s other characteristics — such as the health benefits of its milk. Efforts are underway to change that, and keep an old tradition alive in the process.Project goal: Keeping camels in Rajasthan and the creation of rural sources of income Implementation: Establishment of a camel value chain …

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Deadly Cyclone Titli pounds eastern India

Indian authorities have prepared for the worst as a “very severe cyclone” threatened to bring life to a standstill in Orissa. At least two people have been killed as the powerful storm made landfall.India has evacuated more than 300,000 people before a severe a cyclone struck the country's eastern coast on Thursday. State authorities in …

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India’s currency tumbles amid rising oil prices

The Indian rupee has turned out to be Asia’s worst-performing currency this year as the nation’s economy struggles with rising oil prices, a widening current account deficit and broader emerging market concerns.The rupee has dropped over 12 percent against the US dollar since the beginning of 2018, earning it the unfortunate distinction of Asia’s worst …

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Death toll due to floods in Kerala reaches 324

The death toll resulted from floods and torrential rains in Kerala state in south-western India rose to 324. The flooding further resulted in damaging dams and roads, and the demolition of houses. The state government chief Pinaray Vijayan, said that “324 lives have been lost” in 10 days of floods in the state, particularly in a touristic …

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Stolen Buddha statue spotted in UK, returned to India

A miniature Buddha statue stolen from India over five decades ago has been handed back to the country’s high commission in London. Police said it was spotted at a British trade fair.London police said the 12th-century bronze statue was returned at a ceremony in London to mark India’s Independence Day, prompting Michael Ellis, a British …

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