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Al-Sisi, Kerry meet in India to discuss bilateral ties

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi met with the United States (US) secretary of state John Kerry in New Delhi on Thursday evening, as both officials’ visits to the Indian capital coincided, according to the presidency spokesperson Alaa Youssef. Egypt’s Foreign Affairs Minister Sameh Shoukry also attended the meeting. Al-Sisi stated during the meeting that Egypt is …

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Indian leader on African tour

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is touring Mozambique, South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania. His huge country is looking for raw materials and allies in its quest for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

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Can India be cleaned?

In a bid to improve India’s image, PM Narendra Modi launched a campaign in 2014 to improve sanitation and public cleanliness. Activist Bindeshwar Pathak tells DW the drive needs better coordination between stakeholders.

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Examining India’s unsuccessful NSG bid

Despite India’s fervent push for admission into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), the country remains outside the elite body that regulates nuclear trade worldwide – for now. DW examines the reasons behind this.

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Amazon adds billions to Indian investment

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos has pledged an additional $3 billion (2.6 billion euros) in investments in India, banking on exponential growth in the online shopping sector in the Asia’s third largest economy.

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Bangladeshi Hindus seeking safety in India

The number of Hindus living in Bangladesh continues to shrink as many of them leave to seek refuge in neighboring India. Experts blame it on religious persecution and systematic oppression against the minority community.

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India’s war on tobacco and industry woes

India’s top court has ruled that tobacco companies must display larger health warnings on cigarette packs, giving a boost to the government’s latest move to reduce smoking and curb tobacco-related illnesses. DW examines.

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India needs to take action against systematic gender discrimination

The barbaric rape and setting fire to a 15-year-old girl in India is just the latest in a continuous series of rapes across the country. Repeated cases of gang rape in India are not isolated incidents, but rather a reflection of widespread gender discrimination in the country. It is difficult to equate India’s rapid economic and technological development with such …

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Will India cease to be a surrogacy hub?

India is planning to ban the use of surrogate mothers for foreign couples. But experts say that implementing the proposed ban would be difficult as the surrogacy business brings in a substantial amount of revenue. The practice of commercial surrogacy – when women are paid to carry and deliver babies for people who cannot conceive …

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ASEAN nations establish regional economic community to compete with India, China

Ten Southeast Asian nations have declared the establishment of an economic community set to compete with powerhouse neighbors India and China. The agreements will remove tariff barriers and visa restrictions. The leaders of 10 Association of Southeast Asian (ASEAN) member states signed a declaration Sunday officially establishing the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), due to become …

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What to expect from the India-Singapore ‘strategic partnership’

Indian PM Narendra Modi will embark next week on a visit to Singapore, during which bilateral ties will be elevated to a strategic partnership. But how important is Singapore to India? DW talks to economist Rajiv Biswas. During Modi’s three-day visit to the country, which is scheduled to start on November 23, the Indian PM …

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Modi and Cameron reaffirm UK-India ties

The British and Indian prime ministers took to the stage at a packed Wembley Stadium in London. The leaders sought to emphasize the countries’ close cultural and economic ties. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a speech Friday night to an estimated 70,000 people in London, shortly after his British counterpart, David Cameron, espoused the …

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