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Indonesia earthquake: Hundreds of thousands await foreign aid

Foreign aid is making its way to Indonesia to help hundreds of thousands in need following an earthquake and tsunami. The death toll, which has passed 1,400, could jump once access is gained to cut-off areas.Desperately needed foreign aid was due to arrive in Indonesia on Thursday, to help devastated communities as they face the …

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Indonesia dances poco-poco in Asian Games record attempt

In an attempt to break a world record, tens of thousands have danced the poco-poco, including inmates in more than 500 prisons. Participants said the mass dance helps promote a tradition “that could have been forgotten.”Indonesian President Joko Widodo (seen above) on Sunday led tens of thousands of people in a mass traditional line dance …

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Indonesia: why underage girls are marrying

Two separate underage couples held weddings in Indonesia last week after seeking approval from a religious court. The marriages have stirred strong criticism at home and abroad with calls to end child marriage.Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has responded to renewed pressure to end child marriage after a 14-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy were …

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‘Selfie monkey’ on the brink in Indonesia

Best known for its viral self-portrait, the crested black macaque is also a part of the local indigenous community’s diet. But an appetite for bush meat is among the factors threatening the iconic monkey’s survival.Indonesia’s famous “selfie monkey” is facing a fight for survival as local indigenous communities hunt the animal for its meat. The …

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Indonesia intends to attract tourists from the Middle East

The Indonesian tourism authority of Yogyakarta, affiliated to the Indonesian ministry of tourism, is intending to promote tourism to the city in the Middle East, especially Egypt, at the beginning of 2017. To achieve this plan, the authority is waiting for the approval of the city’s governor. The plan includes visiting Middle Eastern countries and showcasing …

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Tourist hunting Pokemon in army base

Indonesian police say they detained a Frenchman who trespassed on a military base while playing the augmented reality game “Pokemon Go.” The governor of Jakarta has said the game could be used to boost tourism.

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