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Latest in Tag: information

New ‚ÄúShared Development‚ÄĚ HR model may be the answer to the challenges in the wake of economic downturn

Throughout history, despite the evolution of society, the foundations of the economy remained unchanged. In the era of agriculture, the economy was based on fertile lands. During the industrial era, it was based on production; and, now, in what we can call the era of informatics, the foundation consists of communications, information, and computer technology. …

Mohamed Samir

Guilt or competition? Winning the Cyber Espionage War

By Michael R. Czinkota During the Cold War, the Allies protected Germany‚Äôs Fulda gap against a possible Soviet invasion. In today‚Äôs environment of cyber vulnerability, surely all major parties have developed a plan of defence against cyber aggression. If not, they should do so. Yet even good plans may not fulfill the hopes of their …

Daily News Egypt

Information, not democracy, is necessary for a strong economy

How democratic last week‚Äôs events in Egypt were will continue to be debated. Democratic or not, this is an excellent opportunity to set the economy in a better direction. Information will be critical for improving the economy. It will also give credibility to these events as being part of a democratic process. Democracy is not …

Iris Boutros

Review: ‚ÄėOffending the President‚Äô should not be an offence

After President Morsy‚Äôs decision to release chief editor of Al-Dostour newspaper Islam Afify from temporary detention, almost all opinion writers have criticised the President for not using his so-called powers to abolish all laws relating to ‚Äėoffending the President of the republic.‚Äô Despite praising the move to release the editor, many writers have questioned why …

Daily News Egypt

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