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Latest in Tag: Interior Ministry

Yellow card for Al-Sisi?

By Amr Khalifa Over thirty Egyptians did not return home last night and Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Interior, shoulders responsibility. You can be certain the honorable minister is not the only party culpable in the second disaster of its kind to strike Egyptian football in the last three years, 74 lives having been extinguished in …

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7 militants killed following death of police officer

  Seven ‘State of Sinai’ members were killed during armed forces’ operations in North Sinai, five of whom allegedly participated in the kidnapping and killing of police officer Ayman Al-Desouky. The other two were found while observing security personnel in Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid, as announced by the military spokesman Wednesday. The armed forces further …

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Interior ministry announces dismantlement of militant cells

Interior ministry spokesman Hany Abdel Latif announced on Saturday that security forces have dismantled five militant cells in different parts of the country. One cell was based in the governorate of Damietta and included individuals who had previously fought in Syria, where they learned how to assemble explosive devices, said the statement. Security forces dismantled four …

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Intrusion for all

By Fahmi Howeidi From regulating demonstrations to regulating storytelling, from tightening security on the streets to securing cyberspace, and from the protection of society to monitoring it: all would be included. This was the message sent by the Ministry of Interior when it announced it would be establishing what it called “a system to monitor …

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