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Interior ministry between honesty and deception

“It is a scenario everybody has become bored with for its repetitiveness. Football in Egypt has returned as an empty theater show for the sake of the Egyptian police, as if the decisions of the Egyptian security [apparatus] are revelations from above, even if it does not mean a thing but their inability to perform …

Fady Ashraf

Maher Hamoud

Editor’s letter: On the interior and stability nonsense

A few months before the revolution’s spark ignited, I had two Palestinian friends working in the media visiting me in Cairo. The last time I had seen them before this was during an Arab summit in 2007 (we were working together back then). So, the three of us met at a fancy Mohandiseen flat they …

Maher Hamoud

Police officers’ syndicate met with resistance from MOI, says founder

By¬†Heba Hesham CAIRO: Police officers working on establishing a first of its kind syndicate say the ministry of interior was trying to ‚Äúpenalize‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúintimidate‚ÄĚ the participating policemen. “The MOI started to summon us for investigation as a punishment or an attempt to intimidate us. I was called to respond to claims that we are …