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Egypt, Turkey and Iran: Exchanging roles in a tumultuous Middle East

By Fadi Elhusseini After less than a year of exceptional Egyptian-Turkish rapprochement, the events of 30 June 2013 ruptured this relationship. Similarly, when Egyptian and Iranian statesmen began to decrease tensions and a thaw in relations resulted, events returned things to square one. As these scenes, by and large, have been repeating themselves over and …

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Athletes and artists show Gaza still occupied

Recent cases involving athletes and musicians show how much Gaza is still under Israeli occupation By Hussein Ibish, Now I recently participated in a debate in New York City where two noted American pro-Israel advocates, Rabbi Shmuely Boteach and Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens, both kept insisting that there is no Israeli occupation in Gaza. Tell …

Daily News Egypt

The case for Donald Rumsfeld’s prosecution

By Dr Cesar Chelala I have just finished watching the film “The Unknown Known” by Errol Morris, which is a long interview with Donald Rumsfeld, the former Secretary of Defence during the Iraq war, and cannot stop thinking about Rumsfeld’s role in the use of torture, for which he was widely condemned. In 2009, Manfred Nowak, …

Daily News Egypt

Student Corner: The underlying tension between Egypt and Israel

By Nour Bakr The shooting down of an Egyptian military helicopter earlier this year prompted new fears over the security threat posed to both Egypt and Israel by militant groups with access to MANPADs. But whilst bilateral cooperation has remained strong, Egypt’s tumultuous domestic situation is fuelling Israeli security concerns; leading to an underlying tension …

Daily News Egypt

The Ukrainian struggle is right

By Dr James Zogby The Ukrainian struggle for independence speaks to me on so many levels. Because I know the history of the Ukraine, I understand their resentment and fear of their often domineering Russian neighbour. I also understand their deep attachment to their land, their culture, and the story of their people. Ukrainians have …

Daily News Egypt

Equality and Justice in the Courtroom

By Navi Pillay  It is natural for a man to respond to a nagging female partner with violence.  Women’s demands for equal pay with men for equal skills are not justified, because women are likely to stop working to have children.  A man who kills his wife may receive a more lenient sentence if she …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt, Europe and Realpolitik

By Ronald Meinardus In Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world, domestic turbulences are affecting international relations. Following the uprising in January 2011, Cairo has pursued what may be termed a multidimensional foreign policy aimed at reducing the unipolar dependence on the United States and other Western allies. These efforts have become particularly visible following …

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South Sudan – from cease-fire to sustainable peace?

By Ivan Simonovic “We were picked up at checkpoints or during house searches. They recognised us by our accents, or by the traditional marks on our faces. 200-400 of us were brought to a room of a police station, so small that we were suffocating. Suddenly they opened fire on us from two windows. I …

Daily News Egypt

How to defeat bullying

By Dr Cesar Chelala For Iranian eight-year-old Mahan Rahimi life had become a torment. Because he was going bald due to an unknown illness, he was the target of unceasing bullying from his companions at school. He had become one of the millions of children and adolescents who suffer the daily consequences of bullying throughout the …

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