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Can Greece invest its way out of the crisis?

Greece could surely use some economic growth – badly. But how? An evaluation of more than a hundred studies has revealed that public investment, even on credit, may just hold the key to long-term success. First of all, no one doubts that Greece is in need of fundamental reforms. It requires better administration, less corruption and more competition. It is…

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Will the new Investment Law launch Egypt’s investment recovery?

Egypt has recently enacted a new law on investment that amends the Egyptian investment law, with high hopes that such a new law increases the chances in restoring confidence in Egypt’s investment climate. An objective evaluation of the new law requires a neutral analysis of its strengths and weaknesses, taking into consideration the existing impediments …

Radwa Elsaman

Investment and finance ministers should switch positions

By Naguib Sawiris Many people, including traders, believe that the stock market is a place for venture and quick profit, not knowing that its real goal is to present investments for investment funds and individuals, both locally and globally in companies’ capitalthrough this mechanism that allows investments by buying and selling shares on desiring to …

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