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Investors praise current economic reforms taken by Egyptian government

Chairperson of Rotana Hotel Management Corporation Nasser Al-Nowais said that there is great interest from the Egyptian government in the Saudi private sector. Al-Nowais added, during the 3rd Egypt Investment Forum, that the Egyptian government has encouraged investments through some reforms, such as liberalising the exchange rate, lifting subsidies, and seriously solving the problems of …

Shaimaa Al-Aees

Are women better investors?

Women are indeed better investors on average, but they don’t know it. Most financial products are designed by men, for men. Now new women-focused digital investment platforms are hoping to fill in the gap.Wall Street is something of a boys club. It’s mostly men who work in the offices of banks and investment funds; it’s …

Deutsche Welle

Startups in the Middle East: a fun(ding) adventure

The Middle East is a region of great opportunity. We have a large and young population with more than its fair share of problems, and as every entrepreneur knows, every problem is an opportunity; the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity. As a region, we are also one of the largest exporters of capital …

Mudassir Sheikha

Germany gains popularity among foreign investors

Germany is becoming increasingly attractive to foreign investors, a fresh study by a leading business consultancy has shown. The authors say the country stands to profit from the UK’s exit from the European Union.Renowned consultancy A.T. Kearney on Wednesday published its 2017 Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index, looking once again at changes in investors’ perception …

Deutsche Welle

Egypt is full of investment opportunities: Informa Chief Executive

The Ministry of Housing is preparing to offer lands for services at the New Administrative Capital by the end of the coming year, according to Assistant Minister of Housing Khaled Abbas. Abbas said that the government will provide more facilities and privileges for the investors in the coming period. He added that 13 investors have …

Shaimaa Al-Aees

Providing lands for investors in June/July: head of NECD

During a meeting held by the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies, the head of the New Egyptian Countryside Development (NECD), Atter Hannoura, said that the company will provide lands to investors in June or July. He added that the company didn’t achieve a measurable success in providing lands for companies; instead, NECD focused on individual …

Hisham Salah