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ITIDA offers local electronics manufacturing incentives to foreign and Egyptian investors

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) organised workshops, attended by more than 80 representatives of foreign and local companies, to offer packages and incentive programmes designed by the authority in coordination with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. The workshops are meant to cover the industry’s needs such as circuits designing and manufacturing …

Mohamed Alaa El-Din

Line messenger app shares soar in IPO

Priced high to begin with, Line shares shot up even further in value in its first day of trading. The chat app’s emojis have made it a hit in Asia, and investors seem confident that it’s success will spread.

Deutsche Welle

Germany issues bonds with negative interest

Investors are now paying to own German bonds, as they flock towards safe havens amid Brexit fears and turbulent stock markets. The ECB’s quantitative easing program further pushes down interest rates on sovereign debt.

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UK property funds rush to suspend trading

In quick succession, three funds have called a halt to an outpour of capital, joining three others. The UK’s long-booming real estate market has become a leading source of worry for its financial system post-Brexit.

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VW: Compensation claims and a lot more

German carmaker Volkswagen and US authorities are expected to reach a settlement agreement, which might make it clear for the first time how much the “Dieselgate” emissions-cheating scandal would cost the company there.

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