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Apple reports unexpected fall in iPhone sales

US tech giant Apple has seen sales of its iconic iPhones dropping in its second fiscal quarter. The company downplayed the dip, saying customers had held back because of an upcoming anniversary edition.Apple announced it sold 50.76 million iPhones in its fiscal second quarter that ended on April 1, down from 51.19 million units a …

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3% decline in iPhone prices, 4% in iPads this month

The price of iPhones declined by 3% in February, where according to the new price list of Apple products, the iPhone 7 Plus has declined by 3%, from EGP 19,999 to EGP 19,399, whereas the price of the iPhone 7 Plus-28GB declined from EGP 22,699 to EGP 22,018. The iPhone Plus 7-256GB declined from EGP …

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How the iPhone changed the world

It was undoubtedly a technological breakthrough. The introduction of Apple’s iPhone 10 years ago revealed how under Steve Job’s leadership a simple cell phone turned into a complex, multipurpose mobile device.True to his nature, on January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs used his eloquence to capture the attention of his audience at the Moscone Center in …

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Nintendo bets on Super Mario for iPhone

Investors celebrated Nintendo’s announcement that its popular game franchise Super Mario Bros would debut on Apple’s new iPhone, sending the company’s stock soaring and adding billions to its market value.

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Apple trumps expectations with quarterly figures

Backed by strong sales in China, Apple has released figures indicating another strong quarter. Demand for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models is likely to bring another holiday season with many new smartphones in stockings. On Tuesday, Apple reported a strong quarter of earnings which was spurred in part by demand for its products in …

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Apple enters refugee crisis with donations

Apple has enabled its customers to make a “financial donation” to aid refugees in Europe. CEO Tim Cook told employees the company will also make a donation in hopes of easing “the hardship so many are enduring.” American technology giant Apple enabled a function on its operating system’s App Store allowing iPhone and MacBook consumers …

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