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China and the Middle East: Tilting towards Iran?

President Xi Jinping went from Riyadh to Iran this month to become the first foreign leader to do so following the lifting of international sanctions against the Islamic republic. Saudi leaders could not have been pleased. China and Saudi Arabia (and Egypt) signed $55bn worth of cooperation agreements during Xi’s visit, including a nuclear cooperation …

James Dorsey

True impact of JCPA and Iran’s nuclear programme

Views of the analysts and experts differ concerning Iran’s nuclear programme agreement. Some believe that Iran achieved the goals of its nuclear programme, which thus poses a security danger to the Middle East region. Others believe that there are under-the-table negotiations between the US and Iran to curtail the influence of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) …

Sayed Ghoneim

The Middle East: China Venturing into the Maelstrom

Chinese President Xi Jingping has effectively acknowledged that, increasingly, China will be unable to remain aloof to multiple crises in the Middle East in his decision to visit the region – at a time that two of its major powers, Saudi Arabia and Iran, are at loggerheads. It was only last year that Xi dropped …

James Dorsey

Saudi Arabia uses football to isolate Iran

  Saudi Arabia is using football and its influence in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to expand its campaign to isolate Iran, complicate Iran’s return to the international fold in the wake of the nuclear agreement, strengthen Iranian hardliners in advance of next month’s crucial elections in the Islamic republic, and deflect attention from mounting …

James Dorsey

Soccer highlights domestic drivers in Saudi-Iranian dispute

Saudi Arabia and Iran, highlighting the domestic drivers of mounting tension that threaten to deepen and complicate the sectarian and the multiple other regional conflicts, have taken their fierce tit-for-tat battle from the realm of traditional diplomacy to the world of public spectacle. The past few days have seen a dizzying sequence of events that …

James Dorsey

China seeking to link Iran to its New Silk Road

Iran is arguably one of China’s closest partners in the Middle East. And with economic sanctions on Tehran set to be eased, DW examines China’s latest proposal to integrate Iran into its New Silk Road Initiative. Seeking to capitalize on the easing of international sanctions on Iran, China’s railway authority has proposed a high-speed rail …

Deutsche Welle

Russia and Iran sign S-300 air-defense missile contract

The deal to supply advanced air-defense systems to Iran is “back in force,” Russian officials say. The Kremlin had suspended the controversial sale during the nuclear row with Tehran. Moscow and Iran will push on with the deal to deliver the missiles, the head of a Russian state-controlled arms manufacturer Sergei Chemezov said at the …

Deutsche Welle

The Middle East: Rising and falling stars

By Fadi Elhusseini In 2011, Turkey was seen as an unstoppable regional power and a rising star, led by its Justice and Development Party (AKP). But the arrival of the Arab Spring heralded a deep change in the region. Turkey’s prominence began to fade and Iran’s potential appeared to be rising with the progress it …

Daily News Egypt