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Benefits of a deal with Iran

By Dr Cesar Chelala In the charged atmosphere between the US and DN, the benefits of the deal with Iran have been obscured by a war rhetoric that does very little for peace and development in that conflictive region. To the calls for bombing Iran from the likes of Netanyahu and US Senator McCain, a significant number of experts in …

Daily News Egypt

Nuclear bombs and the Iran agreement

Two types of radioactive material can be used to manufacture a nuclear bomb, uranium and plutonium, both produced from uranium ore. Raw uranium contains less than 1% of U-235, the substance (isotope) needed to fuel reactors and make bombs. In a process called enrichment, centrifuges are used for separating the U-235 from the rest of …

Aya Nader

Keen to project a progressive image, the UAE picks its battles

By James M. Dorsey Projecting an image of being politically and culturally on the cutting edge, the United Arab Emirates carefully picks its battles. Participation in the US-led coalition against the Islamic State in Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) has projected the United Arab Emirates as a military force to be reckoned with. Football is the …

Daily News Egypt

From Syria and Iraq to Iran: Kurdish minorities push for autonomy

By James M. Dorsey More than three years into Syria’s brutal civil war, Syrian Kurds have carved out an entity of their own close to the border with Turkey. Their battle against Islamic State (IS), the jihadist group that has conquered chunks of Syria and Iraq, for Kobani, a stone’s throw from the Syrian-Turkish border, symbolises …

Daily News Egypt

An unlearned lesson from 9/11

By Dr Cesar Chelala On a rainy morning in April 1958, in Washington DC, Ezra Pound – then a 72-year-old man – was declared “incurably insane” by Judge Bolitha J. Laws, who set him free. As he prepared to leave for Italy, Pound declared: “Any man who could live in America is insane.” I wonder what Pound – …

Daily News Egypt

Is the New York Times always a credible source?

By Khalid Mahmoud The New York Times wrote a report last week detailing how Egypt, in cooperation the United Arab Emirates, conducted a joint airstrike against Islamist militias in Libya. The report, written by the newspaper’s Office Director in Cairo, David Kirkpatrick, and Editor Eric Smith, went on to tell the details of the airstrike, …

Daily News Egypt

Israel’s ‘Protective Edge’: Why Now?

By Fadi Elhusseini The new Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip is not the first and won’t be the last if the political equation in that region does not change. Throughout previous aggressions Israel launched on the Gaza strip, several military goals were declared. This time, the “Protective Edge” operation comes in a different …

Daily News Egypt

World Cup boosts Iran’s image, highlights political sports battles

By James M. Dorsey It didn’t take long for it to emerge that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani shared an understanding of football’s political utility with predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose conservative policies he hopes to reverse. Like Ahmadinejad, Rouhani, a cleric, is seeking to identify himself with the success of his country’s national football team, delivering …

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