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18 Shia family members killed as Iraq unrest surges

The unrest came a day after a wave of bombings targeting Shias in Baghdad and shootings and bombings elsewhere killed 61 people, further raising fears Iraq is slipping back into the all-out sectarian bloodshed that left tens of thousands dead in 2006 and 2007.

Daily News Egypt

UEFA decision on Gibraltar opens prospects for Kurds

By James M. Dorsey A decision by European football body UEFA granting Gibraltar the right of membership potentially opens the door to Kurdistan to seek association with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in a move that would acknowledge demands for increased autonomy and the possible shifting of national borders in the Middle East as a …

Daily News Egypt

Morsi’s end

By Philip Whitfield Chitchat is Cairo’s currency. Spotting a rare bird in the undergrowth has set the tongues wagging. One swallow doesn’t make a summer. But the return of this migrant to Egypt’s shores has stirred the jabberers into a chunter. In another conversation a medical man laid a bet that Morsi et al will …

Daily News Egypt