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Shahira Amin

The volcano erupts

The outpouring of rage in Islamic countries isn’t just about a low-budget film insulting the prophet Muhammad. It is the eruption of a volcano that has been simmering for the past eleven years

Shahira Amin

Five killed in Iraq attacks

A roadside bomb and a drive-by shooting killed five and injured another five on Sunday, reported the Associated Press. The bomb reportedly killed three police officers in Jurf Al-Sakhar, a town south of Baghdad. The drive-by shooting in the Baghdad neighborhood of Jihad killed two civilians near a government office responsible for overseeing Sunni administration …

Daily News Egypt

Iraq suicide bomber strikes Shi’a mosque

A suicide bomber drove a vehicle into a Shi’a mosque in northern Iraq during Friday prayers. The detonation killed five worshipers and injured over 70, according to Reuters. This attack comes after Shia’s were targeted in a Wednesday attack that killed an estimated 12 worshipers. The sectarian targeting threatens the power-sharing government consisting of Shi’a, …

Daily News Egypt

Government workers killed in Baghdad

An official within the Iraqi Interior Ministry said that gunmen armed with silencers on their weapons managed to assassinate a Justice Ministry worker in Jamiyah on Tuesday as well as an Agriculture Ministry employee in Adil, both western suburbs of the capital city of Baghdad. Two soldiers were also shot and killed at a checkpoint …

Luiz Sanchez

Clash along Iraq-Turkey border

Turkish military and Kurdish militants from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) clashed near the border of Iraq leaving eight Turkish soldiers dead and at least 16 others wounded,Turkish officials said. The incident is the bloodiest clash over the contentious Kurdish region in recent months. It was reported by Reuters that the attacks were launched in …

Ahmed Khalifa

At least 36 killed in wave of Iraq blasts

By Kareem Raheem / Reuters BAGHDAD: More than 20 bombs hit cities and towns across Iraq on Thursday, killing at least 36 and wounding more than 100, police and hospital sources said, raising fears of sectarian strife in a country keen to show it can now maintain security. In Baghdad, three car bombs, two roadside …


Iraqi lawmaker escapes assassination attempt

By Sameer N. Yacoub / AP BAGHDAD: A Sunni lawmaker says he escaped an assassination attempt when gunmen ambushed his convoy north of the Iraqi capital. Falah Al-Naqeeb, a member the Sunni-backed Iraqiya parliament bloc, said over the phone on Tuesday that gunmen sprayed the cars with bullets in the Sunni-dominated area of Taji, about …


Iraq electoral commission chief arrested for graft

By Raheem Salman /Reuters BAGHDAD: The head of Iraq’s Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) and one of its members were arrested by police on Thursday on corruption charges, IHEC officials said, in the latest apparent move for more government control of independent bodies. Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki won a court ruling in January 2011 that …


Shias, Sunnis in post-US Iraq: separate, unequal

By Hamza Hendawi / AP BAGHDAD: Now that US forces are gone, Iraq’s ruling Shias are moving quickly to keep the two Muslim sects separate — and unequal. Sunnis are locked out of key jobs at universities and in government, their leaders banned from Cabinet meetings or even marked as fugitives. Sunnis cannot get help …


Turkey, Syria, Iraq and the Kurdish issue

By Soli Ozel Syria, as always, is more than just Syria. The outcome of the deepening civil war or the violent fragmentation of the country will have a bearing on developments in the region, particularly for neighboring states. The strategies chosen by the regime to fight off the challenge against it have intensified sectarian divisions. A …