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Amid tension, Turkey agrees to pull more troops out of Iraq

Ankara has said it is to continue pulling its military forces out of Iraq after an appeal from President Obama. Turkish troops have allegedly been taking on fighters with the so-called ‘Islamic State’ (IS) near Mosul. Following an appeal from the White House, Turkey agreed on Saturday to pull more of its soldiers out of …

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Thousands protest in Iraq against Turkish troop deployment

Mass demonstrations have been staged in Baghdad and Basra calling for the withdrawal of Turkish troops from near the northern city of Mosul. Some protesters threatened violence against the soldiers. Thousands of Iraqis, many of them members of Shiite militias, gathered in Tahrir Square in the capital, Baghdad, on Saturday to call on Ankara to …

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Turkey to halt troop transfers to Iraq after angry objections from Baghdad

Turkey has promised to stop deploying troops to northern Iraq after Baghdad threatened to appeal to the UN Security Council to force the soldiers out. Iraq’s government says Turkish forces entered the country illegally. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu assured Iraq on Sunday that no more troops would be sent across the border until Baghdad’s …

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What have we learned in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq?

International military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have led to some of the worst possible outcomes. Will the United States and Europe repeat their past mistakes in their war on the “Islamic State”? Scenes from September 11, 2001, vaguely resemble those of November 13, 2015: Terrorists carry out an unthinkable attack in a country …

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Mass grave of ‘Islamic State’ victims found near Sinjar in Iraq

Officials in Iraq’s north say they’ve found a mass grave containing the remains of over 100 people killed by “Islamic State.” It’s said to be the sixth such find near Sinjar since the town was retaken from the group. At least 113 members of the Yazidi minority were found in the bomb-rigged grave about 10 …

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Kurdish forces enter Sinjar in northern Iraq

Kurdish forces backed by US airstrikes have entered “Islamic State” controlled Sinjar in northern Iraq. Securing the city is expected to be slow because of improvised explosive devices and booby traps. Kurdish forces entered parts of Sinjar on Friday morning after cutting off the main Highway 47 to the east and west. Nearly 7,500 Iraqi …

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