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Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan calls off peace process with Kurds

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has called of a peace process with Kurdish militants. He also encouraged parliament to strip politicians with links to "terrorist groups" of immunity. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday it was impossible to continue a peace process with Kurdish militants. "It is not possible for us to continue the peace process with those who threaten…

Deutsche Welle

Turkey’s ‘IS’ crackdown revives Kurdish conflict

Critics worry that Turkey's newest war against 'Islamic State' fighters is being eclipsed by the sudden revival of its oldest with the country's Kurdish minority. Noah Blaser reports from Istanbul. In the aftermath of the Suruc suicide bombing last week, Turkey ended its long reluctance to confront the self-declared "Islamic State" (IS), opening a key airbase to US warplanes, cracking…

Deutsche Welle

Turkey launches second wave of airstrikes on PKK in Iraq

Turkish warplanes have bombed Kurdish camps in northern Iraq for a second night, threatening a fragile truce. The move comes as Ankara made a formal request to NATO for an extraordinary meeting. For a second night, Turkish warplanes bombarded Kurdish targets in northern Iraq. Turkey first conducted airstrikes on the Kurdistan Workers Party's (PKK) insurgent camps on late Friday into…

Deutsche Welle

Re-configuring the Middle East: IS and changing demographics

  By James M. Dorsey The Syrian civil war and Iraqi sectarian conflicts involving “Islamic State” (IS) have had far-reaching consequences for the demographics across the region. Once a relatively ethnically homogeneous autonomous region, Iraqi Kurdistan has seen its demography change radically as large numbers of Arab refugees pour into what was once an independent …

Daily News Egypt

Blast from the past: Iraq, division or détente?

By Emad El-Din Aysha, PhD Lebanese President Camille Chamoun once stated in his memoirs, at the height of his country’s civil war, that he did not fear Lebanon would fracture into several independent states. His real worry, though, was if Iraq fell apart. That would doom the unity of his country. I’m quoting indirectly from …

Daily News Egypt

Iraq’s unending woes

By Dr Cesar Chelala Iraq’s dismal health situation is testimony to the invasion of the country by foreign forces, including now the takeover of important parts of its territory by “Islamic State” (IS). The Iraqi people have been the subject of mass executions, rape, torture and, in addition, the destruction of the country’s infrastructure. The …

Daily News Egypt

Iraq: A tale of two shocks

By Masood Ahmed Iraq is facing a “double shock” from the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) insurgency and the global plunge in oil prices. While the new government led by Prime Minister Haidar Al- Abadi was formed with the express objective of dealing with the insurgency and addressing the humanitarian disaster it …

Daily News Egypt

From Syria and Iraq to Iran: Kurdish minorities push for autonomy

By James M. Dorsey More than three years into Syria’s brutal civil war, Syrian Kurds have carved out an entity of their own close to the border with Turkey. Their battle against Islamic State (IS), the jihadist group that has conquered chunks of Syria and Iraq, for Kobani, a stone’s throw from the Syrian-Turkish border, symbolises …

Daily News Egypt