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Adage: fighting misconceptions about Islam with cartoons and illustrations

By using cartoons, the non-profit group Adage is combating negative images of Islam and Muslims. Adage for Hadith Translation is a not-for-profit educational firm registered in the United Kingdom. The core of the groups work is voluntary, with dozens of them from around the world. The cartoons are used to spread the traditions and teachings …

Rana Khaled

Fighting for the soul of Islam: a battle of the paymasters

Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov, an Islamist with close ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin, recently convened some of Islam’s most prominent leaders to determine the theologically and politically explosive question of who is a Sunni Muslim. Professing to be a Sufi, a more mystical interpretation of Islam, Kadyrov lacks the religious credentials beyond his native …

James Dorsey

Be proud of your religion

  The most difficult thing Muslims are facing in western communities is the way people look at them, as if they were defendants charged with a crime called Islam. I once wrote about a Russian professor who called me to quote  my opinion on two terror bombing incidents that occurred in a city in southern …