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You need utopian idealists and pragmatic realists if we hope to make something of this mess we call a country

Mahmoud Salem

Snake hunter Sheikh El-Tayeb Morsy Abdel-Rahman Sherief

The snake hunters of the Refai Sufi order

The ancient profession is founded on the need of people to render their environment safe.Snake hunting in the tradition of the Refai, a profession that grew into a form of Sufism, requires piety and a deep sense of religion.

Daily News Egypt

On Secularism and Islam in Egypt

Among many secular liberalists lies a contradiction when it comes to raising Islam in debates concerning political or civil affairs. For example there is the common complaint that preachers have become very harsh or that Islamists are supposedly negating the tolerant and merciful side of Islam, but simultaneously they claim that Islam should remain more …

Mustafa Salama

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