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Latest in Tag: islamic jihad

Israel and Islamic Jihad agree to Egypt-brokered truce in Gaza

By Adel Zaanoun / AFP GAZA CITY: Israel and Islamic Jihad in Gaza agreed on Tuesday to an Egyptian-brokered truce deal after four days of violence in which 25 Gazans died and 200 rockets were fired at Israel. Under the agreement, which came into force at 1:00 am (2300 GMT on Monday), both Israel and militants …


Bin Laden death will not affect Al-Qaeda: Egypt Jihad leader

By Samer al-Atrush / AFP CAIRO: A founding member of Egypt’s Islamic Jihad and friend of Al-Qaeda’s new chief Ayman Al-Zawahri told AFP Tuesday that Osama bin Laden’s death will not affect the organization and pleaded against revenge attacks. Aboud Al-Zomor, who was in jail with Zawahri after the assassination of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat in …


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