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In Tunisia, many young people heed the call of ‘IS’ and al Qaeda

More than 5,000 Tunisians are currently fighting for al Qaeda and the "Islamic State." Extremists have been especially successful at recruiting youth there. Sarah Mersch reports from Tunis. "He said he was going to spend the night at a friend's house. A day later we received a text message that he was in Syria." Iqbel Ben Rejeb's voice trembles as…

Deutsche Welle

Opinion: Turkey steps up fight against ‘Islamic State’

Turkey has belatedly entered the international battle against the "Islamic State." However, the country needs to fight more than IS in order to ensure peace and stability at home, DW's Seda Serdar writes. Following the July 20 attack on Suruc that killed 32 people, Turkish officials finally decided to take a strong military action against the "Islamic State" (IS). The…

Deutsche Welle

Re-configuring the Middle East: IS and changing demographics

  By James M. Dorsey The Syrian civil war and Iraqi sectarian conflicts involving “Islamic State” (IS) have had far-reaching consequences for the demographics across the region. Once a relatively ethnically homogeneous autonomous region, Iraqi Kurdistan has seen its demography change radically as large numbers of Arab refugees pour into what was once an independent …

Daily News Egypt

A message from ‘Islamic State’ to Al-Sisi

By Amr Khalifa The sun rose in Cairo on Saturday morning with a fury: another explosive message from “Islamic State” to Al-Sisi. The attack on a building, associated with the Italian consulate, left eight injured and one dead in its wake, and marks the beginning of a far bloodier phase in an insurgency gaining momentum by …

Daily News Egypt

Iraq’s unending woes

By Dr Cesar Chelala Iraq’s dismal health situation is testimony to the invasion of the country by foreign forces, including now the takeover of important parts of its territory by “Islamic State” (IS). The Iraqi people have been the subject of mass executions, rape, torture and, in addition, the destruction of the country’s infrastructure. The …

Daily News Egypt

It is our disease and we must cure it

By Khalaf Ahmad Al-Habtoor Enough sitting around hoping for miracles! Enough waiting for the United States or its Western allies to cleanse the Arab world from the growing cancer of terrorism! Are Arab countries waiting until ‘Islamic State’ fighters knock down their citizens’ doors in what still remains of Arab-controlled territories before acting in a …

Daily News Egypt

The Brezhnev Option: How to dissolve ‘Islamic State’

By Emad El-Din Aysha, PhD Steve Jobs said that creativity was connecting things. Here are two connections that will help us creatively destroy “Islamic State” (IS). First, an old talk by Bertrand Badie at the American University in Cairo (AUC) on 31 October 2001, entitled “September 11th and the Powerlessness of Power”. Badie actually argued …

Daily News Egypt

How does a ‘cool’ guy turn into an extremist?

By Mahmoud Abu Baker At the end of the ‘90s, everywhere I went I was asked the same boring question as a journalist living in Algeria. It is a question that haunted the people who asked me and exhausted me: Is it true that Islamist groups are the ones behind all the terrorist crimes in …

Daily News Egypt