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Paris attacks: A journey begins to prove innocence

By Hala Kindleberger “Now my husband will not be able to join me,” said a Syrian woman who has been in France for seven months, waiting for husband to arrive from Turkey. In Germany too, they have begun slowing down the acceptance of Arab and Muslim refugees after months of providing refuge. Authorities have been …

Daily News Egypt

Targeted Paris stadium symbolises pitfalls of war against “Islamic State”

Zouhair, a security guard of immigrant background, was one of several security officers who on Friday prevented three of the Paris suicide bombers from entering the city’s Stade de France stadium. The bombers were forced to blow themselves up outside the stadium and at nearby McDonald’s. Little is publicly known about the background of Zouhair, who described …

James Dorsey

Russia bombs ancient Syrian city of Palmyra

Russia’s defense ministry confirmed that Su-25 jets hit a fortified “Islamic State” (IS) position in the historic city on Monday. “As a result of a direct strike, a fortification, an underground bunker and anti-aircraft artillery were destroyed,” said the defence official, adding that more than 237 IS targets had been hit by Russian fighter jets from the skies over the war-torn country in the past two days.

Deutsche Welle

What is Syrian about the Syrian war?

By Hakim Khatib After five years of the Syrian war, we can recognise four conflicting parties on the ground – Al-Assad, ”Islamic State”, rebel groups and the Kurds. Each one of these conflicting parties has regional and international backers, who ironically do not agree with each other about whom they are fighting for or against. …

Daily News Egypt