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Latest in Tag: Islamism

Voices from the Muslim Brotherhood

The Brotherhood was officially designated a terrorist organisation in a December 2013 cabinet decree, and the decision was upheld, by court order, in February 2014.

Aya Nader

The future of Islamism- part two: Where does Islamism go from here?

By Nicholas Gjorvad Today’s article explores the issues which face Islamists going forward.  As part one pointed out, the setbacks that Islamist parties in the Middle East have recently experienced can largely be attributed to the instances of over-ambitious and unilateral moves of Islamist leaders in power.  In light of the pushback from opposition groups, …

Daily News Egypt

The future of Islamism part 1: A difficult year for Islamists

By Nicholas Gjorvad This is the first of three articles discussing the future of Islamism in Egypt and the Middle East.  Today’s article will review the various setbacks of Islamist parties in the region not long after impressive electoral victories.  Part two will explore the path that Islamism takes from here and whether the Islamist …

Daily News Egypt

Turkey, the Arab world, and the myth of moderate Islamism

By Nervana Mahmoud For years, Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Erdogan was generally considered an example of “moderate Islamism”, a loose label that was generally based on a comparison with other Islamist dictatorships, like Iran, or with the various semi-secular autocratic regimes that dot the Arab and Muslim world. There was never a comparison with a …

Daily News Egypt

The abuse of ‘Takbir’ from ballot boxes to Woolwich

By Nervana Mahmoud For many non-Muslims, “Allahu Akbar”, or “God is Great”, has become synonymous with radicalism, brutal murders, rape, and even cannibalism committed in the name of Islam. It is hardly surprising, as the Islamic slogan has been repeatedly used and abused by anyone who wants to justify his or her crimes by adding …

Daily News Egypt

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