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There are three schools utilised by the state facing strategic Political Violence, also known as terrorism: 1) The Justice System model, where the police and the judiciary pursue such acts as civilian criminal offenses (the most effective model  and takes place in civilised democratic countries; but to be fair, it usually takes a really long …

Mahmoud Salem

Egypt’s new political map

By Nervana Mahmoud The political map of Egypt is slowly changing. As events continue to unfold following June 30 and then the July 3 coup, there are emerging new realties that may have an impact the future of the country for years to come. Currently, however, there is nothing definitive or clear. First, the ongoing …

Daily News Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood must be considered a political force in Egypt

By Nino Saviano Egypt appears to have turned the clock back to the Mubarak era. The military is the kingmaker while Muslim Brotherhood leaders are imprisoned and the organisation is being driven underground. But there is a key difference: Democratic elections are in the making. And while that’s a positive development filled with high expectations, …

Daily News Egypt

The isolated tent city of Rabaa

A friend had to go to the police station by the Rabaa Al-Adaweya sit-in for some documents, and there was no escape but to go through the thousands of protesters stationed in front of the Nasr City police station. My friend said: “it is a city of a parallel world”; posters of ousted president Morsi …

Rana Allam

What’s after 30 June?

Analysing the current political scene is quite difficult, because things are happening very fast, and predictions that are to be published in two-days time might turn out to be far from reality. Despite the difficulty, I am bound to present an analytic reading of the situation, hoping that this reading would succeed in presenting an …

Farid Zahran

The Wannabe

One of the few remaining benefits of living in Egypt these days is the ridiculous amount of entertainment that our Islamist rulers provide.  In a scene that’s beyond parody, a number of Islamists held a massive conference to support Syria, which in their world means “Let’s kill those Shi’a Infidels”. In the first ever display …

Mahmoud Salem

30 June: Once upon a time in a Brotherhood

A big day awaits the Muslim Brotherhood on 30 June. Sometimes when I look back at the events of the past two years, I realise how well-prepared the Muslim Brotherhood was. Since the Brotherhood was certain Hosni Mubarak’s regime would not compensate it for refraining from joining demonstrations, the Islamist group moved on to their …

Ziad A. Akl

What are the ingredients and social backgrounds of political Islamists?

Political Islamist movements, at their heart the Muslim Brotherhood, embody sections of society that are mostly found in its middle class. These are also known as “intermediary classes” which usually fall between the upper and lower classes. Remarkably, people belonging to these classes are not socially homogeneous, meaning they are not at the same position …

Farid Zahran

Obsessive-compulsive morality disorder

On Friday, Islamists surrounded the St George church in Beni Suef demanding the return of a 21 year-old Muslim woman whom they alleged was kidnapped and converted last November by the church in order to allow her to marry her Christian boyfriend. Well, it turns out she did run away with her boyfriend—only he wasn’t …

Daily News Egypt