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Latest in Tag: Islamist

Editor’s letter: Chapeau to Al Nour Party

In Egypt’s post-Mubarak first parliament, which lasted for a few months in 2012, it was the first time for the Salafi Islamists (primarily Al Nour Party) to have such political representation. It was very messy though, as many Egyptians found it entertaining and liked to call it the “circus”. The parliament channel Soot Al Shaab …

Maher Hamoud

Managing editor Rana Allam

Shine on you crazy…backside?

And now, the row begins over Yasser Borhami’s leaked video, where he is trying to sell the “Yes to the constitution” idea to a group of his bearded fellows. In the video, Borhami, a Salafi Sheikh from Alexandria, discusses how he managed to include certain words in Article 219 of the constitution, which would enable …

Fady Salah

Review: Columnists condemn presidential manoeuvres

 Amid Morsy’s recent decisions, columnists criticise how the president blindly follows instructions from his Islamist group. Although the results of the national dialogue meeting were deemed successful by many, some columnists argue it rather marked a new presidential failure.   It is not a state Ibrahim Eissa Tahrir Newspaper Eissa examines the policy “blunders” the …

Fady Salah

O’ Army, save us?

This is where we are probably heading and it frightens the hell out of me.  The self-proclaimed Islamists refuse to see it. The situation in Egypt has taken a downturn in the last three months in ways that are hard to describe; prices of almost all basic food items have skyrocketed, and talks about a …

Sara Abou Bakr

Criminal networks traffic people to Egyptian households who demand their labour AFP Photo

Trafficking in lies

Salafi MPs have excluded an article from the draft constitution by claiming human trafficking does not exist, the evidence suggests otherwise

Daily News Egypt

Review: op-ed pages discuss constitution, dole out criticism for Morsy

Heated debates are triggered over the Constituent Assembly, it dwindling membership and the delay in finalising the country’s most important document, the constitution. In almost all Egyptian newspapers columnists have analysed the factors affecting the Constituent Assembly in its process of drafting a constitution. On another note, some writers continued with their weekly dose of …

Daily News Egypt