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The mood in the office yesterday was sour, with people being sad and disappointed at the results of the first phase of the “constitutional referendum”, which was passed by 56 per cent, amidst reports of the worst case of voter fraud in the history of post-revolution Egyptian elections. Those angry and depressed eyes of my …

Mahmoud Salem

Editor’s letter: Voting for God

On a 40 minute Metro ride from New Marg station to Saad Zaghloul, trying to avoid the traffic jams across the city caused by anti- and pro-Morsy protests, the political discussions among the passengers are revealing. In Cairo’s underground system, in which every carriage is always stuffed with hundreds of average Egyptians, people are constantly …

Maher Hamoud

Embrace each other ya Egyptians

By Hussein Abdrabbu The political scene in Egypt has become increasingly hazy since President Morsy’s recent constitutional declaration, as both liberals and Islamists have been competing on the national stage, drawing millions of supporters to Tahrir Square and near Cairo University. All the while any form of meaningful dialogue between the two sides has yet …

Fady Salah

Opening up to Islamists

The Arab Spring is undisputedly turning into an Islamist one. This has divided the world over how to deal with it. The realism school of Henry Kissinger supports opening up to Islamists, the same way Kissinger reached out to Communist China in the 1970s. The Chinese turned out to be more pragmatic than Communist, and …

Daily News Egypt

Has the Muslim Brotherhood entered a new stage?

The process of Al-Tamkin is a phrase often used by Islamists, that can be traced back to the time of the Prophet (PBUH), which, according to various biographies, consists of two phases. The first phase is Istada’af, (subjugation); Muslims during the time of the Prophet (PBUH) were often persecuted, and therefore often hid the fact …

Fady Salah

Not a question of morality

Ever since the ousting of Mubarak and the rise of the Islamic elite represented by the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis and other groups, the question of morality has always been on the table. The Islamists, like any other political force that identifies itself with religion, believe that the root of all ills of society is …

Ziad A. Akl

Review: Shari’a Friday and draft constitution consume columns

The debate over Shari’a Friday protests has led many writers to deplore the extent of Islamic jurisprudence’s presence in the draft constitution. More than one writer has pointed fingers at the Muslim Brotherhood, accusing them of delaying the constitution writing as they are still unprepared for parliamentary elections. Other columnists have dedicated their pieces to …

Daily News Egypt

Dr H.A. Hellyer

Defeatism cannot be allowed to overcome Syria

“Today our revolution enters its toughest stages and the cruelty of the regime against our people is proven limitless.” For all the issues that the Egyptian revolution has yet to resolve, Egyptians did not pen the above words. Representatives of the Local Coordination Committees in Syria did, and even as Egyptians have continued to be …

Dr H.A. Hellyer