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Explosions and gunfire shook the northeastern Nigerian city of Potiskum on Thrusday. (AFP/ Getty Images)

Attacks ‘kill at least 23’ in Nigeria’s northeast

Kano, Nigeria (AFP) – A wave of attacks by suspected Boko Haram Islamists in northeastern Nigeria killed at least 23 people and destroyed several buildings, a hospital official and residents said on Saturday. A nurse at the Potiskum general hospital spoke of 20 bodies being brought to the morgue, while residents said three bodies were …

Daily News Egypt

Adel El Adawy

An Authoritarian Relapse?

The current circumstances under which the constitution is being drafted does not represent the ideals nor values embodied by the January 25th Revolution.

Daily News Egypt

Review: op-ed pages continue to fill up with commentary on offensive movie

As incidents escalate in reaction to the offensive movie about prophet Muhammed, columnists continue to analyse the mounting anger of Egyptians.   Wael Qandil What after invading the US embassy? Al-Shorouk newspaper Recalling the latest chaos that took place within the margins of the US embassy in Cairo in reaction to the US anti-Islam movie, …

Daily News Egypt

Islamists: The old and the new

Much of the general public as well as revolutionaries are not the only ones frustrated with Islamists’ lack of revolutionary furor. Islamist masses themselves are frustrated with their leadership’s incompetence and their inability to achieve deep and structural changes. While certainly lack of revolutionary strategies is not true of all Islamists, it can be easily …

Mustafa Salama

Islamist group ‘trusts’ Abu Ismail, criticize his escalation

By Abdel Rahman Youssef ALEXANDRIA: The association of Alexandria religious scholars and preachers said it “fully trusts” disqualified candidate Hazem Abu Ismail, but criticized his calls for escalation in response to being eliminated from the presidential race. Ahmed El-Mahlawy, head of the association and the sheikh of El-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque, said Abu Ismail is a …


Arab Spring Islamists launch US charm offensive

By Edouard Guihaire / AFP WASHINGTON: With a White House meeting, talks at a think-tank, and interviews with newspapers, Islamists unshackled by the Arab Spring are launching a new charm offensive to reassure a nervous Washington. The rise to power of elected Islamists in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere has alarmed many Americans, who fear the …


The green-eyed monster

By Philip Whitfield CAIRO: Egypt’s Islamic politicians couldn’t hold it together. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis are sowing seeds of mercurial destiny on a well-trod stage. Despite their protestations, both parties are fielding Delphic, ambiguous, ambitious presidential contenders. SCAF and the Mubarakites must be drooling in their druthers. A week’s a long time in politics, …


In the name of God

By Rania Al Malky CAIRO: The future of Egypt is on the brink of an Islamist abyss. The Freedom and Justice Party’s tattered poker-faced mask has finally fallen, revealing the bloody fangs of a power hungry vampire, intent on destroying anything that stands between it and its evil, Quran-wielding project to turn Egypt into medieval Afghanistan. …


Egypt’s Islamists tighten their grip on power

By Hamza Hendawi / AP CAIRO: Egypt’s newly empowered Islamists have tightened their grip, giving themselves a majority on a 100-member panel tasked with drafting a constitution that will define the shape of the government in the post-Hosni Mubarak era. Led by the Muslim Brotherhood to victory in parliamentary elections, Islamists now have their eyes set …


Crucifixion double-cross

By Philip Whitfield CAIRO: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely — Lord Acton in 1887 reflecting on Europe’s descent into despotism. Keeping stumm, only blurting out objections to mixed bathing beaches and gin and tonics, hid the Egyptian Islamists’ intentions: to erect gibbets to crucify killers and chopping blocks to amputate an arm and a …


The advent of ‘informal’ Islamists

By Khalil al-Anani The gray-bearded sheikh has appealed to his presidential candidate counterparts to join him at a press conference to be held in his regular mosque. While his contenders eluded, the sheikh stood amid hundreds of his followers and supporters to protest and chant against the referral of a group of civilians to the military …


Politicians warn of Islamists monopolizing Constituent Assembly

By Heba Hesham CAIRO: Political powers denounced the criteria set by both houses of parliament for selecting members of the Constituent Assembly, tasked with drafting a new constitution. The People’s Assembly and the Shoura Council decided that 50 percent of the 100-member assembly will be comprised of Members of Parliament. “It is clear that the …