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Cybersecurity transformation in 2019 and beyond

I’d like to tell you a short story. When working with a client on its security provision, we discovered that it had only devoted 4% of its total IT budget to cybersecurity. “Let’s develop a solution with this 4%,” said the client. It was only at that moment that I realized that cybersecurity is often …

Alexander Moiseev

Communication minister discusses investment opportunities in IT sector

The Fifth Annual Conference of the General Division of Digital Economy and Technology will begin today under the title Tech Invest 2, in the presence of Yasser El-Kady, minister of communications and information technology. Khalil Hassan Khalil, a member of the board of directors of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC) and head …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt’s major IT players in recruitment drive

Egypt’s IT sector is seeing an increase in staffing, amid a surge in hiring by multinationals that are expanding operations in the country. Following a meeting in July with automotive component and technology company Valeo Service, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) announced that the France-based company plans to generate 500 new jobs …

Oxford Business Group

CBE, ITIDA, EBI sign cooperation protocol to support companies working in IT sector

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) signed a cooperation protocol with the Information Technology Industry Development Authority (ITIDA) in partnership with the Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) to facilitate the procedures for technology companies registered in ITIDA’s database on bank financing. The protocol also aims to qualify these companies to manage their own projects and how …

Hossam Mounir

Government to develop comprehensive investment map through IT

The Ministry of Investment holds talks with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to develop a comprehensive investment plan through information technology (IT), according to a statement of the Ministry of Investment issued on Monday. Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Sahar Nasr and Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser Al-Qadi discussed on Sunday the mechanisms for implementing …

Daily News Egypt

IBM invests $70m to bring digital skills to Africa through Watson platform

IBM, listed in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), announced that it will invest $70m in building and developing digital, cloud, and cognitive IT skills to help support a 21st century workforce in Africa. The initiative, “IBM Digital – Nation Africa”, provides a cloud-based learning platform designed to provide free skills development programmes for up …

Daily News Egypt

CIT cooperates with Egyptian Countryside Company to maximise role of IT in agriculture

The Chamber of Information Technology and Communication (CIT) plans to hold a meeting with the Egyptian Countryside Development Company to discuss a joint cooperation with companies specialised in communication and information technology. This cooperation aims to develop the agricultural system and land reclamation projects, in line with the government’s objective that seeks promoting modern technological tools. According …

Daily News Egypt