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To those who rule Egypt

What did the rulers of Egypt want after the land became theirs and they owned everything? Their grip has returned and their influence is bigger than it ever was before January 2011. What do they want now after they posed themselves as the necessary choice? They succeeded and took the reins again. The state now …

Emad El-Sayed

Students at a public school in Cairo.

Education in Egypt hit harder by Arab Spring unrest

By Mohamed Ibrahim Education in Egypt has been further dented by the unrest that has engulfed the country since the start of the Arab Spring in January 2011. The education process has been largely disrupted since the ouster of former president Hosni Mubarak that year. Reforming the education system in the most populous Arab nation …

Daily News Egypt

Managing editor Rana Allam

A not-so-silent majority

Back in 25 January 2011, the revolutionaries who started the uprising were later joined by the Muslim Brotherhood, who contributed in relatively increasing the number of protesters. But what made all the difference was the participation of what is called “the silent bloc;” after that, the number of people on the streets soared and the …

Rana Allam

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