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January, February remittances increase by $1.3bn

The rise in remittances from workers abroad shows an increase rate of 33.6%, bringing the total amount of remittances in the first two months of the year to about $5.2bn. The latest figures compare to the roughly $3.9bn in remittances reported during the same two months last year.

Daily News Egypt

January traditions in Europe

From jumping into cold water to sledding down hills at breakneck speeds, here’s what Europeans are up to in January.While some people have already taken down their Christmas trees and are busy implementing their New Year's resolutions, Christmas is just getting underway for others across Europe. In a few European countries, January also rings in …

Deutsche Welle

Better late than never: how to rebound state fragility in Egypt?

By Abdulla M. Erfan The Fund for Peace recently published the 2014 fragile states indicators for Egypt bringing empirical realities to the heated debate on policies for addressing Egypt’s political, economic and social challenges.  According to the index, Egypt has been on the brink of becoming a failed state for at least ten years. While there is …

Daily News Egypt

Court sentences 15 Azhar students to 4 years

The Nasr City Misdemeanours Court sentenced Wednesday 11 male and 4 female Al-Azhar University students to four years in prison over violating the Protest Law, the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) said in a statement. The court neither heard the witness testimonies nor allowed the defence team to make their pleas, according …

Daily News Egypt

Coptic Christians and political activism before 25 January

Coptic Christians have, since 1952, lived according to what might be considered a tacit agreement between the church and the state, one whereby the state committed itself to the protection of Copts, the principles and rules of equality before the law, and equal opportunity, and the church reciprocated by absorbing the activities of Coptic Christians …

Farid Zahran

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