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The empire smiles back: Taiwan’s Japanese cherry festival

By Benjamin Yeh / AFP Taiwan loves cherry blossoms. In fact, it loves almost everything Japanese. For a nation that ruled the island for 50 years, often with an iron fist, Japan has left a very favorable impression. In the latest triumph of Japanese soft power in its former colony, tens of thousands of Taiwanese have …


Japan’s resilience lessons

By Margareta Wahlström NEW YORK: Buried in the coverage of last year’s Great East Japan Earthquake is a success story of which the world should not lose sight, because it tells us much about how we manage risk in the 21st century. It is the story of how the Japanese people, through centuries of memory …


Japan’s revenge of the mandarins

By Masahiro Matsumura OSAKA: Ever since the huge earthquake that hit Japan’s Pacific coast at Tohoku on March 11, 2011, the country’s mass media has obsessively focused on the magnitude of the physical damage and the loss of life. Repeated broadcasts of traumatic video images of the great tsunami and the damaged nuclear reactors at the …


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