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Dear Muslims

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A Story of Courage, Creativity and Survival

In 1939, the relentless Nazi bombardment of Warsaw destroyed the city’s zoo. What the Nazis didn’t know, however, is that what they had destroyed was not an ordinary zoo, but the extraordinary creation of an unusual Christian Polish couple, Jan and Antonina Zabinski. Thanks to them and their son Ryszard’s efforts, approximately 300 Jewish women, …

Cesar Chelala

Comedy ‘Bye Bye Germany’ portrays little explored chapter of post-WWII Jews

Some 4,000 Jews remained in Germany after the Holocaust. Their motivations have rarely been explored. The movie “Bye Bye Germany,” starring Moritz Bleibtreu, chose to depict their paradoxical situation through humor.”Hitler is dead, but we are alive!” declares David Bermann to motivate his new business partners at the beginning of the film “Bye Bye Germany,” …

Deutsche Welle

Dear Muslims

Dear Muslims, Have you ever met a Christian who joking said, “Praise Jesus” and then followed it by, “Why haven’t you converted to Christianity already?” Have you ever taken a taxi and been forced to sit there while the driver listens to hymns at a high volume? Have you ever heard the pastor on Sundays …

‘The nuclear deal will also benefit Jews in Iran’

US congressional opponents of the Iran nuclear deal have been unable to stop it from moving forward. What’s happening in Iran? DW spoke with Iranian parliamentarian Siamak Morsadegh. DW: Iran has not yet ratified the nuclear agreement negotiated with the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (P5+1). Only a few Iranian …

Deutsche Welle

A Muslim perspective on Charlie Hebdo – a side war

By Karim al-Andalusi Prophet Muhammad has been one of the top defenders of the freedom of speech, and from there we go. Is it worth it to take to the streets to fight a deep European behaviour, or to dig deeply in the European values and try to perceive and influence it? I argue that …

Daily News Egypt

The others

Two events have prompted this week’s column: the unprecedented attack on St. Mark’s Cathedral last week, and my recently watching  the Jews of Egypt documentary. Both got me thinking about the concept of “the other”. A predefined group of people which another group or culture or society will use to distance itself from. “The other” …

Daily News Egypt

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