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Forasna signs cooperation protocol with Social Solidarity Ministry to provide job opportunities for youth

Egypt-based BasharSoft, the owner of the recruitment platform Forasna, signed a cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Social Solidarity to participate in the “Opportunity Initiative” launched by the ministry to provide decent job opportunities for young individuals looking for job opportunities. Amir Sharif, chief executive officer of BasharSoft, said that the new protocol aims to …

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Egypt must push ahead with reforms to attract investment, spur growth, create job opportunities

Egypt has struggled in the five years since the Arab Spring, as political uncertainty and economic instability erode investor confidence and limit growth. Its economy has expanded a modest 2.5% annually between 2011 and 2015. Foreign exchange reserves have dipped to precariously low levels. An overvalued currency has hurt Egypt’s export competitiveness. Foreign currency shortages …

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