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Al-Zind faces same fate of those who came before him

Should we be held accountable for what we say? Several similar incidents are reminiscent of the sacking of the Minister of Justice Ahmed Al-Zind. Public figures were transferred to courts or judged by public opinion due to controversial statements, whether they were expressing their opinion or it was simply a lapse in judgement. It seems …

Managing editor Rana Allam

Justice Minister Al-Zind: a perfect representation of the times

“We [judges] are the masters and the rest are the slaves” is indeed the most memorable quote by Egypt’s new Justice Minister Ahmed Al-Zind, head of the Judges’ Club. The rest of this sentence as said by Al-Zind during a phone interview on a TV show was: “Whatever represents an attack on the Judiciary’s prestige, …

Rana Allam

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