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Latest in Tag: Kenya

US Military airbase attacked by Al-Shabaab in Kenya

The Al-shabaab extremist militant group has launched an attack against a US military based in Kenya. The eastern Kenya military base is being used by Kenyan and US forces. The group claimed the destruction of seven aircraft and three military vehicles in its statement claiming responsibility. The group also claimed “intense fighting” with US personnel …

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Kenya: A ‘sweet’ deal gone sour

Kenyans are outraged by reports that legislators took bribes to bury an investigation of a dodgy sugar trade deal involving government representatives. The issue also threatens Kenya’s trade relations in East Africa.”It’s a disaster.” That’s what Samuel Nyandemo, senior lecturer on economics at Nairobi University, calls the refusal by lawmakers to investigate Finance minister Henry …

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Chinese tourist dies in hippo attack in Kenya

The man was taking pictures on the shores of Lake Naivasha when he was attacked by a hippo. Rising water levels at the lake have led to a rise in hippo attacks which have claimed six lives this year, local media said.A Chinese tourist died after being attacked by a hippo on the shores of …

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